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our water-soluble and controlled-release fertilizers for the greenhouse and nursery professional provide the highest level of balanced nutrition available. Free of excess salts and other chemical impurities which can damage roots and foliage, the balanced nutrition and pure composition ensure optimum growth rates and predictable blooming response for your greenhouse crops. Our water-soluble fertilizer contains chelated micronutrients for the most effective delivery of nutrients to your plants. Our fertilizer solutions are not only a complete plant food, but they are compatible with most insecticides, herbicides or fungicides on the market.
    Reliable Performance
  • Optimum growth rates
  • Predictable blooming response
  • Maximum resistance to disease
  • Chelated micronutrients
  • Promotion of healthy plants

Our flagship product-and still an industry favorite! Masterblend is 100% water soluble for worry-free use. It is manufactured to provide complete solubility in all types of water with no fall-out. This means no matter what type of sprayer or injector you’re using, Masterblend will remain in solution ready to do the job.
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