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 maintaining healthy and beautiful turf
can be a challenge. The turf product line from Masterblend/Tyler Enterprises helps you get the job done faster, easier, and without the guesswork. Our custom blended product brands are recognized for quality by the markets we serve. We offer Greenlinks for Golf courses and Greensward for athletic fields, landscape and lawn care. Whatever your application, the specialists at Masterblend/Tyler Enterprises can custom blend the right the fertilizer for your site-specific needs.

Water Soluble Fertilizer with Stabilized Nitrogen from UMAXX
The UMAXX Nitrogen releases over a longer period of 10-17 days resulting in little to no burn potential and fewer feedings. As opposed to quick-release formulations from other manufacturers that have the potential for an undesirable flush of growth, the UMAXX nitrogen is held in the root zone for a longer period of time in order to offer more predicable and consistent results. The fertilizers provide excellent color response and superior nutrition to protect turf through periods of high traffic and summer stress. In addition, the salt index for these revolutionary products is lower than most on the market today virtually eliminating the possibility for turf burn due to high salt indexes.

Available in 4 formulations, these fertilizers are ideal for golf courses, sports fields, public grounds and any area where turf needs to be strong, healthy and beautiful. Available formulas include: Fairway 37-00-10, Bent Special 28-08-18, High K 20-05-30 and Premium 20-20-20.

Contact us at 877-658-9537 for distribution opportunities.
Formulated specifically for the challenges facing the Golf Course maintenance professional. These custom blended fertilizers for tees, roughs, fairways and greens are the keys to developing and maintaining a strong and beautiful course. Ask about our custom application program!

Developed for athletic field maintenance, grounds maintenance and landscaping professionals to develop and maintain strong and lush turf. Constant use and play can cause your turf to lose strength and make it more susceptible to insects, weeds and even total loss. Greensward is specially formulated and custom blended to provide your turf the strength it needs and the beauty you want.
    We offer the latest in:
  • Soluble, greens grade and fairway fertilizers
  • Fertilizer combinations such as pre- and post-emergent weed
    control with fertilizer products
  • Controlled release and organic basis in all three spectrums
  • Liquid fertilizers with low-burn characteristics
  • A wide spectrum of turf and ornamental chemicals
  • Custom ordered seed blends, including specialty mixes for sun and shade
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